3 Sales Funnel Lies They Want You To Believe Pt. 2

Remember last week?

We talked about how some of the most successful companies use the simplest funnels… despite what fancy funnel guys promote.

Today, I want to bust another funnel lie that’s designed to keep you confused.

So buckle up now, because truth is…

You don’t even need a funnel to get started!


If you’ve been planning your marketing funnel before driving traffic, just stop.

You’ve spent enough time and money already…

Planning, adding new parts to your funnel, studying other funnels, erasing your plan, creating a new one, and so on.

You could plan, build and tweak forever.

Meanwhile, your customers are out there buying from someone else.

And there’s only one way you can stop them.

Get traffic and make sales already

See, people who sell funnels want to get you stuck with your funnel… so you end up buying from them.

It’s that simple.

But the truth is, it’s probably not worth your time..

Let me tell you why.

I’ve been using this method for 10+ years without much trouble. And I don’t see any hyped-up gurus teaching it.

The Best Funnel You Can Build Is One You Build As You Go

It’s asinine to spend weeks or even days building a funnel before you even know if the offer works.

That’s not how we did it back in the day.

Building an entire complicated funnel from day 1, is some new B.S. that the funnel gurus are pimping out. They do it so they can make commissions selling you ConfusionSoft or their $25k funnel building service.

Back in the day, as soon as you had an idea you whipped up a sales page and tried to get sales.


When I first launched Agency Sales Masterclass, I made a post on Facebook asking if people would send me $500 to my paypal. I made $5,000 in 20 minutes and $10,000 in under an hour.

No lead magnet.

No trip wire.

No upsells.

Only when people starting sending me $500 payments over and over again did I decide to create the product. And for years, I sold it with just a regular sales page.

I did not go from idea to “let’s build a big funnel first.” That’s the stupidest advice I’ve ever heard. It’s a great way to go broke is what it is!

You first need to prove that people want the product. It’s called product/market fit. Google it!

Point is, a funnel was never something to spend $5,000+ on before you knew whether your ferkin thing would even sell.


Start lean, make your business earn every dollar that it spends on itself first.

Lie #3, Always Use a Squeeze Page

The last lie, is that your funnel ALWAYS needs to start with a squeeze page. Basic math proves that this is wrong in many cases though.

I go into more depth on this in this article, but the gist is “If your product or front end costs less than $100, you should go straight to the sales page. If your front end or product costs more than $100, you should start with a lead gen page because you’ll need to establish rapport first.”

Dammit man, if there was a kindergarten for Internet marketers, that’s where they would teach this stuff.

To sum it all up and put this to bed…

  1. Simple funnels are scalable funnels
  2. Before building a funnel start with an email or social post to even test if people want to give you money for your idea
  3. Do the math on your funnel and see if it even makes sense first (as in can drive a positive ROI)

Be careful where you get your advice out there.

Lots of great ideas on the interwebs, but run them through a little logic testing before you get married to them.

Justin Brooke

12yrs ago I opened an Adwords account with a pathetic $2/day budget, yet turned it into 6 figures in just 11 months. Word got around and people started hiring me. Since then I've managed over $10 million on ads and my client list includes Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Snuggie, StansberryResearch, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Jon Assaraf and more.

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