3 Sales Funnels Lies They Want You To Believe

Who is “they?”

  • The funnel construction companies
  • The Internet marketing gurus
  • The fancy funnel software guys

They don’t want me to tell you what I’m about to tell you. They don’t want you to know how easy and cheap it really is to build a multi-million dollar funnel.

There’s big money in the “funnel business.”

  • Secret upsell and downsell tricks that will 10x your business
  • Plug and play blueprints proven to rake in those big EPC’s
  • The golden template that always converts the highest
  • Swipe and deploy emails that will shake the money right out of subscribers wallets

It’s nothing but wizardry trickery and buzzwords to keep their vacuum nozzle attached to your wallet, while your twinkly little eyes fawn over their carefully engineered patter.

Then they show you images like this…

Oooh look at all the stuff!

It’s the classic “thud factor” sales pitch. I didn’t make that phrase up, they literally refer to this with that name.

Have you ever opened a big bag of chips and then only half the bag is full? Yes, it’s kind of like that. Except bigger package, more expensive, and even less fulfilling.

Who am I to contest an entire industry?

Can I prove beyond a doubt that complex funnels aren’t needed?

Forget about me, you don’t really care about my credentials. My 10 years of experience, millions spent and made, and speaking all over the world doesn’t matter.

Forget the fact that I’ve been hired by Agora, Dan Kennedy, DigitalMarketer, Russell Brunson, Rich Schefren, Ed Okeefe, Ted Thomas, Kent Clothier, and on and on.

That and $4 dollars will buy you a coffee tomorrow morning.

Let’s talk about proof.

Undeniable un-ignorable rock-solid proof.

Case #1: McDonalds

Funnel: Burger > Combo > Upsize it

I don’t even need a whiteboard to diagram that out. But, I know what you’re thinking…

They are a big brand, it’s different for them. Besides, that’s a restaurant and they are offline. They totally aren’t the right case study.

I won’t even bother with the argument of “how do you think they got so big.”

Moving on…

Case #2: Snuggie

Funnel: 1 Snuggie > More Snuggies

Still don’t think this is fair? Come one they are die hard direct response. they use infomercials and online ads.

I was one of the media buyers for an agency that the parent company of Snuggie hired. I had first hand insight to the millions spent and made with Snuggie.

We use a simple landing page that had the video, copy, and order form all on 1 page. There was no diagrams. The only upsell was do you want to buy more Snuggies for your friends and family.

It broke my heart that they didn’t even do any kind of email follow up. Yet, they sold 20 million of those weird blankets with sleeves in the first year.

Ok they cheated, they used TV ads. That’s not fair.

I disagree, but you’re in charge here.

Case #3: Agora

Funnel: Annual newsletter > Lifetime membership > Coaching

Surely, these guys fit. They use VSL’s, long form copy sales pages, they sell information, primarily over the Internet. And they’ve made hundreds of millions with this simple funnel.

It’s been so effective that they have over a dozen branches all using almost the same sales funnel. Some use a free book offer upfront instead of the newsletter though.

If you’re still not sold, I just don’t think you want to hear the truth. I think you are just in so deep that you can’t accept the truth or it’ll hurt too much.

Most of these gurus and marketing experts, they really only make 6 figures to low 7 figures. That’s respectable, I earn about the same.

However, the knowledge and experience I am bringing to you comes from companies who have made BILLIONS, at worse hundreds of millions.

My mentor (when I worked on the Snuggie campaign) owned several private jets. Hundreds of employees. Made $150 million dollars running ads for Rich Dad, Donald Trump (before he was crazy), David Bach, and more.

He told me “The simpler it is the easier it is to scale.”

If it is expensive and complicated, then it is hard to duplicate.

A process that is expensive and hard to duplicate is the exact opposite of what billionaire investors look for in scalable companies.

Do you think DropBox has an elaborate funnel? What about SalesForce? Aweber? Udemy?

Ironically, the only time you see these elaborate expensive funnels, is in one little corner of the Internet. While mainstream business leaders are talking about “lean” or “agile” processes.

You do not need fancy expensive sales funnels. I think I’ve proven that in this email. It’s just how they sell you on their huge prices.

I’m not done though, that’s just lie #1 of 3.

I’ll be back with part 2 soon. There are 2 more funnel lies that I will bust with just as much proof as I have here today. Even more, I’m bringing charts, stats, and words directly from the mouths of industry giants.

Justin Brooke

12yrs ago I opened an Adwords account with a pathetic $2/day budget, yet turned it into 6 figures in just 11 months. Word got around and people started hiring me. Since then I've managed over $10 million on ads and my client list includes Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Snuggie, StansberryResearch, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Jon Assaraf and more.

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